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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Two Eagles watching goslings napping


Goslings napping, parents aware of Eagles across the pond

black velvet pansies
this years delight
bright magenta blooms startle
coffee and cream pansies soothe
bleeding hearts favorite of neighbor
each time he walks by
five families of Canadian geese
… no passport required …
Mill Pond for swimming and lessons
then nap time for all,
dad watches the sky
two eagles watching goslings napping
men with cameras big as tanks
looking for eagles,
not goslings playing at feet
others with easels painting far mountains
in her own world
hubby grabs a book then dozes in sun
first time sighting: egret at top of tree
tourists scan horizon ~ never over head
no sign of geese or goslings ~ gone in hiding
people from away escaping summer heat
for me and my feathered friends
Goldilocks DownEast summer

Prompt: joyous discoveries you’ve made so far this summer
for Imaginary Garden with Toads