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Stacey first date photo for 8th grade prom

RiP my darling daughter, Stacey.
1/25/1971 – 8/10/2021

photo of Stacey … first date, 8th grade prom

8/10/2021 posted

wrote poem 9/10/2021
l wish I’d thought
to tell Stacey how much she
reminds me of a happy
Princess Diana in this photo
A Kodak moment for Stacey
How surprised I was when
she mentioned 8th grade prom !
Bret’s class didn’t have one.
Realized a rite of passage
for Mother and Daughter
Stacey picked the dress out
and it also had a red sash …
unless I’m having a mental pause.
She would have rolled her eyes
at me for sure if I asked her

Now I have to rely on memories
or hope a photo is tucked away
in a collection from 1985
A pivotal year .. Bret to UMO
~ Stacey to High School

~ Stacey moved in Bret’s room
before he left “Just a few things”
A sweet memory that seems
so long ago ~ yet yesterday
Thankful for the memory

9/10/ 2021 posted to facebook


Stacey Stevens
January 25,1971-August 10, 2021


January 25, 1971 – August 10, 2021

Stacey Ellen Stevens (DeBeck, Doe )
died in a Dallas, Texas, hospital intensive care
with her daughters
Sabrina DeBeck and MacKenzi (Stanley) Stevens
present outside the room
and in her final moments
talking to her over the phone.

A complete obituary will be published at a later date.

Published in the Ellsworth (Maine) American
August 24/2021

Ellsworth and Bar Harbor