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smile lights up room
soft spoken ~ kind
Miss Plum RN
needles used with perfecton
cocktails dyn-o-mite
seize prompt 8 (decipher) …
….have you noticed that prunes
are now sometimes called dried plums,
prune juice is now sometimes called plum juice?
Miss Plum was delivering a Plum cocktail…therefore
now her name .. smiles.
TPOS prompt: Drastic life event: nursing home for rehab
Seaport Village Healthcare, Ellsworth, Maine

Cartoon unknown source


“Eclipse of the Wooden Eye Moon” January 4, 2011

January 4, 2011
Bianca sits
watches quietly
moon eclipses
wondering her thoughts
if understands the mystery

OctPoWriMo 2015 Day 25
TPOS mysterious
photo: (c) 2011 Saradunn
“Eclipse of the Wooden Eye Moon” January 4, 2011
acrylic on canvas 9″ w x 12″ H

Geese on Mill Pond, Somesville, Maine

hardy Mallards
loving the frosted mill pond
skate with joy
sun opens water for dining
fresh fish for their pleasure
Sigrid Saradunn
December 17, 2018
TPOS Prompt: Gerry Muse #134 December
small stones prompt: frozen treasure
photo: (c) 2014 Saradunn

Rock Art Cobblestone Beach

Tanka Poets on Site ( TPOS ) 2016: prompt: rock art

The coast of Maine is blessed with a coastline
like none other… the rare pink granite shores, sparkling
rocks that glisten in the sun… everywhere we turn,
natures abstract art can be seen.
tossed and tumbled
waves carried from oceans depths
shaped, polished, sun bleached
ageless earthly beauty
10/16/2016 Sigrid Saradunn

April 11, 2019

My bucket list
for most of my life
was to be the best mother
and nurse I could be.
I can’t remember when,
but I remember the words,
of my daughter,
not too many years ago
spoke up about
carrying on with family traditions.
She spoke up
very matter of fact and clearly:
“The only traditions in our family
was that Mother worked.
That festered in my mind.
There is no way to go back,
to create the family memories
she didn’t have, but missed.
As I will write about my bucket list
from this day on,
the two things on my bucket list
as I got older … like fifty,
were to see Paris and the Eiffel Tower
Holland at tulip time.
There will be in the future
a few for me
with old friends
here in Maine …
maybe the family’ll join me
for some of them.
I have also forsaken
those treasured friends
from far away places.
… they are important to me
to see once again.
We’ll talk thru the day
and into the night.
My bucket list
for the rest of my life
is to be the best mother,
to my daughter and son,,
and grand-mother,
and to create memories
of “I remember when
my Mother and I …”

A note 7/22/2022 … Alas, my heart is broken, Stacey died last August 10,2021,’
she being the one who got me thinking about this bucket list. RIP, darling daughter,
as I continue on trying my best to share memories of you as I create new memories
in your honor.

free use imageou

Stacey Stevens
January 25,1971-August 10, 2021

TUESDAY ZOOM – Open mic for one of your favorite poems by another poet.
read on M Cz .. open read, a favorite poem by someone else

Stacey wrote;
Written and inspired by an Alzheimer’s patient I was caring for once.
What is Needed Indeed
See my tears
how I cry
my feelings in disguise
Do you know how I feel ?
Am I happy, sad, or maybe just glad
To see what I once had.
Here I sit with tears, living in fear,
that all of this may once disappear.
Because I can’t speak,
Don’t make a peep,
I still hear the secrets that you want to keep.
How do I show what I want you to keep.
How do I show what I wnt is to go.
These eyes may hide my feelings inside,
But if you look closer you will see,
what is needed indeed . . .
Love, respect, honesty and dignity.

Stacey Doe, Nov. 1995

inspired to read when finding in
“Stone Lantern”
p. 66
help is on my side

as I wait in a garden
late summer – will it last ?

surely until the turn
and autumn
finds its way

Ellsworth, Maine City Pier

Jan 3, 2022


heaven sent
family spirits gather
welcoming New Year
— sbs Jan 3, 2022

sun rise

seen from hilltop
clouds above clouds
at sea level blue sky
sbs inspiration sharon hawky photo
— sbs Jan 3, 2022

angel beams

you are remembered
and blessed
— sbs`Jan 3, 2022

sound of flute

discordant notes
echo my thoughts
of discontent
— inspiration Rick Wilson;s flute
… Jan 3, 2022


ice age car

break thru frozen doors
sun hidden ~ no natural heat
thaw before driving

“Clinging to you” blogger username, Heaven.

Title inspired by poem by Canadian titled:
“Clinging to you” blogger username, Heaven.

kiss me anew, here
before the last maple leaf
falls, and first snowflake
wets my pale lips, stilling time
twisted in salty drenched arms
hurl me anew, here
before the last rose petal
dips, and first winter
drop caresses my bare hips
unfolding, clinging to you

by Heaven, Canada with permission
shared on Michael Czarnecki Zoom
When the leaves come falling down

Great grand-son in Denver CO 2021 for Michael Czarnecki prompt When the leaves come falling down

Mile High fall
red headed toddler
crisp leaves up to knees

pulling rake behind him
dragging for leaves
shared on Michael Czarnecki Zoom
When the leaves come falling down

photo by Sierra Stevens

black-hole eyes / soul dead /lost

soul  numb / spirit decays /  blank view.

aura disappears / heart mourns

Free Use Photo
School bell rings, moms cry.

child’s first school day, traumatic
little ones, grow so fast