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Window to the past
Today my son called to tell me he was reading a new book about
Robin Emery who had been a teacher of his. She also broke
the barrier for women in the sport of road racing in Maine.
Just moving to Maine, in 1971, that the young teacher I saw
thru my porch window, running out of the school playground
and up the hill, would in one year, ask to run in the Bangor
Labor Day Race.
“Well, my dear,” Emery mimics their patronizing tone.
“You can. Just don’t get in the way.”
She would some day break records and
pave the way for women runners every where.
a book, a window to the past
of barriers to women in sports
running for the love of running
reading about my world decades ago
remembering watching history
being made from my porch window
Prompt: small stones, windows
photo source, cover of Robin Emery’s book
“Maine’s First Lady of Running” by Ed Rice/

March 12, 2016 · Edited ·

once a lady
now in tatters
maiden called to the sea in youth
memories whisper in the wind
seize the poem prompt # 9 tatters
photo: (c) 2016 Saradunn
boat left to rot and decay in someone’s yard…
across from Contention Cove, Surry, ME

spring’s chores
chain saws in distance
yard clean up time
wind rain ice and snow
next winter’s fire wood
seize the poem prompt # 33 … whirr
photo: free use: Shutterstock

first day of spring
fresh snow covers blossoms
spots of color brighten day
early blooms shiver
seize the poem Prompt #13 your words
photo: Mike Keville, prompt photo


pie day on pi day
yummy pizza pie calls day
snowed in
tasty treat on my mind
big tips for delivery
Third Winter Storm in two weeks.
How could it be on pi day? sigh.
prompt: off prompt
photo: City of Long Beach, CA


sunny window nap
cold nose, warm heart
weather outside frightful
peace warms the room
CSP prompt # 29: peaceful
photo: (c) November 28, 2010 Saradunn
photo of Bianca, a Norwegain Forest Cat
with at least Siamese mix

among white birch and pine
along the DownEast Coast
feels so right
glaciers formed rocky coast
Mother Nature’s flowers smile
CSP January 9, 2016 prompt # 4 belong
photo: (c) 2010 Saradunn
Blueberry Hill picnic area,
Acadia National Park, Onesqueak, Maine