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(c) 2016 original watercolor on paper by Sigrid Saradunn

mama bear near by
so much to do
daily visits seeking food
sent of wild flowers
A friend had a big tree outside her window
where she looked out on the huge lawn to the river.
Mama bear, and some times cubs would come
sit in the tree and see could see them
up close and personal.
The tree was destroyed in a winter blizzard and actually crashed onto the roof … luckily a two story old farm house and the lady didn’t get hurt.
The damage to the house didn’t other her as much as missing seeing the Mama bear and cubs
TPOS prompt:bear
inspiiration: bear cub sculpture by Adam Blankenship
photo: (c) 2016 original watercolor by
Sigrid Saradunn

Natalie Cole
Natalie Cole (February 6, 1950 – December 31, 2015)
poem written January 7, 2016

an angel sang
sophisticated lady
singing the blues
heart and soul
RIP Natalie Cole
(February 6, 1950 – December 31, 2015)
poem written January 7, 2016
CSP prompt: sing
photo: free use www. image

not long ago
brown eyes were turning blue
silence was deafening
those days now over
honeysuckle back in bloom
CSP prompt: past
photo: www. free use image

scent of violets
sachet from lingerie drawer
the fragrance lingers
remembering Gram
in the air ~ her essence
CSP prompt: perfumed
photo: www. violet by basenotes

years worn on her wrist
charms jangled
first love ~ in-between loves
thought provoking
present love wonders
seize prompt: jangles
photo: flickr

icy North escape
Wooden Horse in St Thomas
bucket list checked off
barkeeps secret recipe
pina coladas yum-mo
the pina colada
all the way home
one in each hand
I made a pilgrimage to back in 1968…
heard they made the best pina coladas.
My friend Kathy and I wanted the recipe
our hubby’s didn’t let us go alone!..
She talked the bartender into making a batch from fresh ingredients
… newly opened cans… so we could eye ball the amount.
As he made them,
she checked the ingredients,
and I wrote them down. Johnny Carson.\

The bartender was specific to the DOLE pineapple chunks,
Barcardi white Rum
and CoCo Lopez creamed coconut
(that’s an easy one.. it was the only one ! )

I saw a version that froze the pineapple chunks
(they used crushed) with a sparing of crushed ice
22.12.15 CSP prompt (FROZEN)

Watching the 2016 Olympics on television
as I have all the Olympics since I have had a television
I think this is the most amazing cauldron and flame
in my memory,
I watch for it to come on the screen and pause what I am
doing to watch it swirl in all its beauty and grace.
spirals in motion
pulsing energy and light
peace, unity and friendship.
Olympic cauldron flame
seize the poem prompt: # 79. Rings (Olympics)
free use image of the large kinetic sculpture
American artist Anthony Howe designed.