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black and white kitten abused

hungry, cold and shivering
left outside in frigid weather day after day
now appreciates warmth of a new home
curious ~ rewards her new friend helping in kitchen
spring cleaning .. still finding rice
THE Story:
A wandering kitten looked so pitiful, cold and hungry.
My friend rescued it in, and took it to the vet. Just needed
food, warmth and love.
Two older cats in the home never much of a problem… fun
to watch with quirky behaviors, but no mischievous
behaviors, like opening up the cupboard doors.
The rescued kitten is another story.
The first sign of what was to come, getting a bag of uncooked
rice out of a cupboard, and scattering it about. That was
several weeks ago, rice still lurking in secret places.

TPOS Prompt: cherita form: adopting a stray, rescuing an animal
Age stock photo.


March 13, 2016 · Edited ·

found on a whim
out of season and on sale
wedding dress
loved at once and for fifty years
bustles with roses
TPOS February 18, tanka prompt: wedding dress
Photo: (c) 1964
family album; taken by Carol Fredrickson Rink

March 7, 2016 ·

rain and snow
weather outside frightful
daffodils peeking
temps in forties
natives shed their jackets
TPOS prompt: signs of spring
photo: (c) 3/7/2016 Saradunn

March 4, 2016 ·

iridescent glow
Luna moth
so near ~ yet far away
illusive ~ captivating
Ever since I found several years ago that the Luna
moth can be found near by… haven’t been able to
see one yet… a photo of one as large as a man’s hand
(not the one here) got my attention. The beauty
of the Luna moth is mesmerizing and I put it on my
“bucket list.” to see in person. I know of two places
that they have been found and others have told me…
after they have gone away… they see them every year.
Sigh. I am going to be persistent til I find them one spring.
TPOS prompt: what we missed

photo: free use image: Luna Moth


pie day on pi day
yummy pizza pie calls day
snowed in
tasty treat on my mind
big tips for delivery
Third Winter Storm in two weeks.
How could it be on pi day? sigh.
prompt: off prompt
photo: City of Long Beach, CA


12/24/2017 St.Dunstan’s Episcopal Church, Ellsworth , Maine. Singing of Silent Night

The candlelight singing of “Silent Night” on Christmas Eve,
or any time for that matter, for me, is always
calming and fills me with the spirit of the season.

silent night
stars to guide us
candles lit
voices sing for all
peace on earth
TPOS prompt: candlelight
photo: 12/24/2017 singing of Silent Night

February 24, 2016 ·

friend with great plans
helps cheer up cabin fever
can see home from here
metal file ~ power drill ~ ladder
giant filled cupcake escape plan
inspiration email from Tom Taylor-Lash
…thank you
TPOS prompt:Drastic life event:
nursing home for rehab
Seaport Village Healthcare,
Ellsworth, Maine USA
photo: free use www.