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# 1536 TPOS…at one with your world can you tell us apart?


double take
confused and puzzled
father or son
decades apart
furniture gave the clue
November 21.. TPOS…at one with your world
can you tell us apart?
photos from family album
the top photo is Bret, my son
the bottom photo is of his father
at a similar age

# 1535 TPOS … # 2 ” that ray of sunshine ” and ” how you see it

simple yoga
basking in sun
relax to max
“sleeping cat” pose
whiskers never twitch
TPOS prompts: ” that ray of sunshine ”
and ” how you see it ”
photo: (c) 2015 Saradunn
of Miss Blaze

# 1534 TPOS .. #1 ” that ray of sunshine ” and ” how you see it “

just like me
she sleeps arms raised
window sun warms ~ tempting
cat nap ~ arms reach to sun
TPOS prompts: ” that ray of sunshine ”
and ” how you see it ”
photo: (c) 2015 Saradunn
Miss Blaze in the sunbeam

# 1533 seize the poem prompt: glint

treasure trove
way up North in Maine
twinkling hubcaps
thousands glimmering
calling to me ~ photo op
big ones little ones
some with rust ~ or not
fancy or plain
glint in eyes for men and boys
ready to explore
seize prompt: glint
photo: (c) 2012 Saradunn
Hubcap Heaven up North in Maine

# 1532 seize prompt: fire

winter solstice
Rose Hips and Ships play
fire gathering
promise of returning light
hot molten glass transformed
seize prompt: fire
photo: (2014) Saradunn

# 1531 Seize the Poem: prompt: busy. Lily Pond



hop scotching blossoms
so many buds ~ so little time
whisper of wings
full tummy tonight
busy dizzy dragonfly
seize prompt: busy
photo: (c) 2016 Saradunn
Small water lily pond Deer Isle, Maine, USA
This lily pond I found turning the car around pulling into the
large space next to the road…it is at the bottom of two steep
hills and when driving, attention is paid to the road, not the
surprises beside it. It now is a “must stop” .. always something
of beauty there in and out of lily season.

# 1530 … seize the poem prompt: tide

incoming tide
Blue Hill bay shores
on shore breeze
the rock never wavers
stands firm waiting for change
seize prompt: tide

.photo: (c) 2015 Saradunn