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loss of a prayerful friend
Joan was faithful in prayer
She believed in the power of prayer
turning needs over to God
in prayer and “letting Him take over”
accepting His will not hers
……………..cherita form
Joan would show me how she learned
to pray, clasp hands in prayer and open
the fingers of one hand one finger
at at time ~ a reminder of each
prayer petition:
1. Praise
2. Thanksgiving
3. for Someone Else
4. Confession
5. Request for You, last, maybe for strength, comfort
the right words, thoughts, emotions in a situation
TPOS prompt: November 8, 2014
the loss of a friend
originally written for
May 3, 2018 National Day of Prayer


For myself, giving prayers of thanks
for when Joan,
~ way back in the last century ~
Joan invited me to be on a prayer chain.
Back before the internet,
and before cell phones,
an ongoing confidential list
was kept and updated by Joan.
I kept my list in a small notebook …
that I still have with my journals.
Then the list kept
on an e-mail kept a special file.
With the discovery
of computer post-a-notes
my prayer partner, and I,
keep each othersfriends and family,
the needs of the world
in lifted prayer each day.
I call it “Joan’s Prayer list” still.
photo: free use image from internet