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The time has come,
after all my whining
about wanting quiet time,
an empty house,
no disruptions to my thoughts,
I remember being told,
“be careful what you wish
for…you MAY get it.”
The time has come
for the last to leave
and move away,
and not return
to stay.
not just go to school,
join the Air Force,
(you tricked me here,
but I understand,
better life choices
in Denver)
or out of the house but
still with in reach …
twenty miles is almost
next door.
When the time came,
Y’all took my advice,
move near an airport
to make visiting easy…
Denver and
Dallas airports seem
a world away.
Close but not so close.
The time has come for
the last “forever” move,
on her own,
the first grandchild to be on
her own.
My house has been her “base”,
home away from home,
for almost 19 years.
The time has come
for all good things
to come to an end.
Good things will start
in Texas for Sabrina,
her new home,
new school of art,
near her mother,
And I can’t forget
the CATS,
Baby and Kiki
who’ve been missed like
The time has come,
a new day
is starting,
a new door opened,
a new chapter has
It’s a time to say


TPOS prompt: Drastic life event:
nursing home for rehab
Seaport Village Healthcare,
Ellsworth, Maine USA
thoughts of you
wondering what
I’m missing
what you’re writing
and I’m not
first the puter
then the knee
then the puter again
but now is mended
along with knee
so long away…
seems like a year
and not a month
knee replacement
takes hard work
getting back up and going
one more knee to go
time flies
as one ages
places to go
things to do
photo: (c) 2016 Sherpa
sunset in DownEast Maine



Kathabela Wilson wrote for the prompt:

We all know that life is challenging, changeable full of the unexpected and difficult. 

How do we deal with this? 

We’ve seen animals adapting to loss, and incapacity,

 and we all have such examples in our own lives and those we love. 

What are the ways of coping, confronting the natural and unnatural forces of life, 

the mishaps and the tragedies?

What have you observed,

 felt, what tangible examples

 of dealing with life’s challenges 

can you express in your tanka? 

How have you done this yourself? 

Sometimes we can help each other,

 but ultimately it is our own task and 

we are prey to the weaknesses of chemistry, 

environment and life itself.



MY RESPONSE: (I am 70 as I write this)


my mind says 

I’m in my twenties…

body says, “you wish’

mind says ok forty

body says get a walker



I find it is true … what “elderly” people

told me when I worked in a nursing facility.

If they didn’t have what ever problem required

them to be in a nursing facility,

they felt usually in their 30’s mentally.

At 70, I find it difficult to believe that I cannot

do, have the stamina to do what I did when I was

in my twenties, thirties, even older.  


Autumn Frost from blogsite


Kristjaan writes:  

Today I love to share a, not so well known, haiku by (my master) Matsuo Basho

in which we can read and see how ancient Japanese honored their parents.

As they did honor their parents we see nowadays

more dis-honor for parents or likewise parents for their kids.


te ni tora ba kie n namida zo atsuki aki no shimo
if taken into my hand
melting in the heat of tears
autumn frost
© Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)
As was common in those times this haiku had a preface:
‘At the beginning of September I came back home.
I was already long since my mother had died. 
The grass in front of mother’s room had withered in the frost. 
Everything had changed. 
The hair of my brother and sisters 
(Basho had a brother, an elder sister and three younger sisters)
was white and they had wrinkles between their eyebrows. 
We could only say, ‘we are fortunate to be still alive’. 
Nothing more. 
My elder brother opened an amulet case and said reverently to me, 
‘Look, at mother’s white hair. 
You have came back after such a long time. 
So this is like the Tamate Box of Urashima Taro.
Your eyebrows have become white’. 
We wept for a while and then I composed this verse.
yes I do sometimes write a preface to my haiku as was common in Basho’s time):
 Chèvrefeuille preface
This verse of Basho touches me deep, because it brings painful memories. My Grandparents are all gone and also my elder brother died. As I look into the mirror my hair is starting to become grey. When my brother was still alive he surely would be grey, because he was several years older.


life passes –

in the early sunlight

the ripe melts


frost on the branches

melts in the early sunlight

life passes


© Chèvrefeuille (2012)


my hair turned grey

as if it was the frost

on bare branches


a pebble

thrown into the old pond

in an eye blink it’s gone


© Chèvrefeuille (2012)


My response preface:
In red to honor my mother who loved red to go with her
white blouses and black skirts. 
(Her  white pearls she wore often looked elegant with red.)
When my mother died, my 
father had already been gone for many years,
a baby sister died decades ago.
I became the matriarch
of my immediate small family:
a younger brother, (who became the patriarch when dad died)
two adult children who may be past their middle age,
and four granddaughters who are adults or nearly adults.
Time goes by so quickly…
in my mind, I feel as if I’m still in my thirties,
I look in the mirror, and it says otherwise.
My response haiku… 
in baby blue to honor my father with the bluest eyes
my hair has gray frost
my eyes did too with cataracts
gram looked back in mirror
I see again with clarity
the miracle of medicine 




1962 High School Graduation photo…my mental mirror image
mirror oh mirror

who’s that old lady
in the glass ?
She seems at home
… friendly too.
Cat with a 
white Chaplin ‘stache
by her side…
she who said
“never will I be
an old lady
by cats”.
A strange person 
is looking out at me.
Short gray hair, 
no auburn curls in sight
Round and fluffy
not the younger slimmer
woman that used
to live here
back in the day
she left one day
and never
Cataracts now gone,
what a vision
of a stranger then,
a clearer vision
seen in the glass, 
mirror oh mirror…
of the stranger come 
to roost.
Can’t be ~ is be
a stranger in the house.
The eyes look the same
the stranger is missing
her fashion rims 
of blue or purple
how can that be.
mirror oh mirror,
the stranger in the glass
seems here to stay.
Don’t know when she
just all of a sudden
an old lady …
she tells me that middle
age is when you can 
multiply your age by two
and think you’ll still
The old lady in the glass
mirror oh mirror, 
says for me to forget
middle age…
it whizzed by unseen
in the mirror.
One hundred forty 
seems to be a bit
for a middle age 
to dream of.
Big Sigh.
Old lady in the glass,
mirror oh mirror,
speaks with 
of being
thirty five
in her 
heart of hearts
soul of souls.
September 22, 2012 at the Common Ground Fair



You are among toads
“Think as I think,” said a man,
“or you are abominably wicked; you are a toad.”
And after I thought of it,
I said, “I will, then, be a toad.” ~
Stephen Crane


© Sigrid Saradunn 2013…Common Ground Fair, Children’s Area



make a difference .
so many choices ~ pick one
random acts ~ souls smile . .
judgment is easy
book by cover can deceive
not all age with grace

© 2013 Sigrid Saradunn… on a porch driving to East Blue Hill

aging silent thief
the body does ~ mind doesn’t
spirit says thirty



age an illusion
body ages ~ spirit enriches
wear seat belt ~ sunscreen



Sadness of heart and soul,
of being old and not
choosing my words
Old age and youth,
worlds apart,
thoughts apart,
words apart.


Six word Saturday Blog

Getting old is really chicken poop.


The process:

Not used to slowing down…

arthritis struck my left knee

before the every six month injection

took effect…

…I’m not a wuss,

so when I complain,

it makes me angry that it is so bad

I can’t keep my mouth shut.

I do think that this is why

the snake oil man got rich…

I’ll bet people back in the day

would do anything

to get rid of the pain.

I had places to go and things to do !

Will have to think a a new defense in six





— Poppies in the sunlight, my front yard.

Walkers and Canes

red ones, blue ones,
black ones,
wheels and brakes,
basket and seat,
all the comforts
to travel on foot
no wheels
with yellow tennis balls
to help you slide along;
a pocket for your snack
or book.
Paint them pretty colors..
a part of your
wardrobe when
walking gets
Who would have thought
it would come to this.
wood ones,
new and old ones;
one foot, two feet,
three and four feet.
Sticks and folding canes.
Some even have a seat for rest.
All the wonderful colors
of the artist’s palette:
pick your favorite
walk in style.
modern designs,
abstract and beyond,
cats, dogs, maps,
your hearts
to stay at home?
It’s called
“aging in place.”
Get used to it.
Start planning.
How canes & walkers
will look with your dress
and in your house..
Fashion is
Pick your style,
color and be free
to get your wish to
stay at home.
Where it’s quiet.
Eat when you want,
what you want.
Sleep when you want,
how long you want.
Peace and Quiet.
My wish for now.
Got my canes…
got my walker
with seat and basket…
brakes to slow my speeding☺.
Who’d a thought
I’d live like this?
Walker and cane,
Peace and quiet is my aim☺.