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photo: (c) Saradunn 2/6/2015
Library, Somesville, Maine, USA


winter wonderland
white fluffy snow creates beauty
snow puff flowers
winter wonderland frost’s bite
black ice ~ surprise landing
TPOS prompt: metaphor


Notes to my reader’s… Memoir of the Winter of 2014 to 2015


This winter has me really thinking about how to adapt

next winter if it is the same as this one.

The cruncher came when we had a day the snow cleared 

on the roofs and pathways with the warmth of the sun.

I’d had my roof cleared but there’d been some snow fall afterwards.

I’ve been so sick with sinus problems from the ceiling flaking when the roof leaked

on the head of the bed during the night… 80 plus year old dust. 

The ice dam outside the window on second floor backed up 

and the water flowed across the beam. 

When the drops fell through the ceiling they brought flakes of the ceiling with them…

I just rolled over to a dry side of the bed, thinking that it was just a few drops of water…

but the ceiling plaster was flaking down and bouncing off my forehead !

When the roof was cleaned off and the sun had cleared the roof, 
I didn’t look at the church side of the house… 
the sun doesn’t hit there much if at all…
will remember another time.  
Luckily the new windows were upstairs and easy to clear the problem 
without having to call anyone.

It has been a month that I have been under the weather with the sinus problem

for “seasonal” allergies as the doc put it…

mildew and dust from a ceiling drip

when the ice dam on a dormer window !


Sorry if this is a bit disjointed… I didn’t keep track of dates accurately with

my sinus problems…

it seemed like weeks and weeks but my guess is only 3 weeks .

The ice and cold

started with with Thanksgiving blizzard and never let up for more than a few

hours here and there.  Nights of getting up and starting the car with the severe

wind chills of way below zero F.  One night it was minus 44 F.  I have a remote

starter for my car thank goodness… a life saver.


We are now into mud season… with lots of snow we hope will melt slowly and

not cause flooding.


A painter friend, Ari, age 89, sent this message last week:

In my 89+ years I’ve never seen a more beautiful winter. Yes, It’s cold and the fresh snow is blowing with wonderful mini-cyclones all around my house this afternoon . Compelling!

And yes, my fuel bills are high, about twice that of last year, and the plowing is about three times that of a year ago.

And yes, a winter storm earlier this season , with an unusual electrical surge burnt out my furnace controls, nearly all my lights, and have necessitated a refrigerator replacement because its relays were destroyed.


But, despite of all that, it has been, and is,  visually gorgeous out there..