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from Barbara Allan on Seize the Poem / facebook

with permission.


Please my friends in this group : (Seize the Poem)
Please share this poem .
There has been another beheading of another innocent journalist .
This poem was written from my heart for MR . Foley and his family.
Barbara Allen


Oh my God !
James Foley
An innocent
and good man .
So cruelly executed .
How this sickens
and infuriates me .
How my heart breaks
for his family . . . .
For him .
His young life lost .
Gone .
A kind and generous life .
Cut short with a brutal
and wicked end .
I pray for your warrior
spirit .
Your brave soul .
And I pray for your family
Barbara Allen



note:  9/2/2014   Isis also killed by beheading

Steven Sotloff, Journalist from Fla‏, whom I add to my prayers

with his friends and family. Siggi Saradunn