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OctPoWriMo 2015….Day 7

What I wish was different

if wishes were horses
my father’d say
then beggars would ride
If wishes of old ladies were like the breeze
I’d feel as young as my mind says I am
the bittersweet of aging
the loss of function for myself,
the loss of friends I thought would always be there
wishing they could be here just a day longer
fond memories to cherish to the end of my day
the knowledge I have now…
the tasks of growing and living wisely
I wish I’d known much sooner
not to be ~ as others say
good and otherwise serve me well

if wishes were horses,
we’d all ride into the sunset as one
daisy chains in our hair
singing about the changing times
saving the earth and its people


photo: (c) 2015 Saradunn Hippie Van in Marboro by Sea, Maine still ready to travel, curtains in the windows

photo: (c) 2015 Saradunn
Hippie Van in Marboro by Sea, Maine, USA
still ready to travel, curtains in the windows





The time has come,
after all my whining
about wanting quiet time,
an empty house,
no disruptions to my thoughts,
I remember being told,
“be careful what you wish
for…you MAY get it.”
The time has come
for the last to leave
and move away,
and not return
to stay.
not just go to school,
join the Air Force,
(you tricked me here,
but I understand,
better life choices
in Denver)
or out of the house but
still with in reach …
twenty miles is almost
next door.
When the time came,
Y’all took my advice,
move near an airport
to make visiting easy…
Denver and
Dallas airports seem
a world away.
Close but not so close.
The time has come for
the last “forever” move,
on her own,
the first grandchild to be on
her own.
My house has been her “base”,
home away from home,
for almost 19 years.
The time has come
for all good things
to come to an end.
Good things will  start
in Texas for Sabrina,
her new home,
new school of art,
near her mother,
And I can’t forget
the CATS,
Baby and Kiki
who’ve been missed like
The time has come,
a new day
is starting,
a new door opened,
a new chapter has
It’s a time to say