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Pike Place Brewery – “Hot Dog”December 24 prompt: “hot dog” Pike Brewing art by Cheryl Leo Gwin and Charles Finkel

Hanging in Pike  Brewing Company (  )


Cheryl Leo Gwin and Charles Finkel of Pike Breweries (and wineries)
have long been know for their art. 
Large or  small – Washington State has about 160 craft breweries,
most of any  state – they commission some of the best art around. 
 Hanging in Pike  Brewing Company (  )
is this fascinating poster for the brewery. 
Designed by Charles  Finkel and Cheryl Leo Gwin
and painted in enamel by Cheryl Leo Gwin, 
Chris and I discovered it while waiting  for our table in a corner of the bar. 
I fell in love with it, and the  creators were kind enough to let us use it for a prompt. 
Embodying  themes drawn from beer, Seattle, and of course, sex,
and images of hot dogs, long legs, butterflies, suds, cats, goats and more,
it has it all. 
The prompt:What does the art say to you?  What do you see in it? 
What will your  tanka say about it? 
Charles’ work may be found at
Cheryl’s at Cheryll_Leo-Gwin/Welcome.html
. Prompt written and posted by
Gary Blankenship of Facebook Tanka Poets on Site
hot dogs
roar of the crowd
ladies in sundresses tanning
hot dogs, pop corn and beer
young boys carry dads ball glove
catch a home run plan of day
ladies in sun dresses ~ wait
fancy seats in mezzanine .
fancy seats in mezzanine
comfy seats, cooling fans
hot dogs and beers not for them
dreaming of warmer climes
wishing game were over 
sunlit fields 
magnificent horses roam
happy hour shade 
ladies in hats and mini-dresses
butterflies on Clydesdales