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photo (c) 2014 Saradunn


My Response to the Prompt


lilies greet the sun
blue heron watches
secluded lagoon




The prompt:

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

As I started to prepare this new episode, lagoon,

the first thing which came in mind was the motion picture “The Blue Lagoon”,

with Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins in 1980.

I remember that there was a lot to do around this motion picture,

because of the nudity scenes in this movie.

As a teenager, in 1980 I was 17 yrs,

I remember that I was excited,

because nudity in such an American movie wasn’t done until than.


Our prompt for today is lagoon

and here are a few haiku which Jane has used

in her saijiki “A Dictionary of Haiku”.

at the edge of the lagoon
the wind stops

the name makes kayaks wiggle
with laughter

© Jane Reichhold

Not a long episode this time and also no haiku by my self …

lack of time and inspiration …

I hope this episode will inspire you however.

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photo from the prompt


My response to complete this Tan Renga started by Björn:

tempting waves –
the old boat still needs
a little rest

© Björn Rudberg


on the shore for decades
waves call ~ unable to respond
(c) Saradunn
Tan Renga is a short chained poem of two stanzas written by two poets.
It looks very similar with Tanka, but Tanka is written by one poet.
As you maybe know Tanka (a five-lined poem) follows the classical syllbles count 5-7-5-7-7.
This same syllables count is used for Tan Renga,
but there is one little difference: after the first three lines (5-7-5)
there is a white line and than follows the second two-lined stanza (7-7).
The goal is to write the second stanza of this Tan Renga and make it complete or continue the image by association on themes in the first stanza.
For example: You can write a second stanza associated on the “old boat”:
tempting waves –
the old boat still needs
a little rest                        (© Björn Rudberg)

in the backyard, next to the pond,
an old boat overgrown with Ivy               (© Chèvrefeuille)

In this example you can see that the second stanza was inspired on the theme of the “old boat” in the first stanza. This was just an example, you can also associate on waves, little, need and so on. The choice is yours.

Here is my attempt to complete this Tan Renga started by Björn:

tempting waves –
the old boat still needs
a little rest                          (© Björn Rudberg)

an old sailor man with red-stained eyes
grieving for the loss of his boat                               (© Chèvrefeuille)And now it’s up to you. You don’t have to use the 7-7 syllables count for the second stanza, but feel free to do if you like to. Writing haiku and Tan Renga is fun and has to be free from rules … at least that’s my opinion. Write from your heart and not from your mind … go with the flow and let it inspire you..

photo from prompt


My response to the prompt:


snow falling

dancing in snowflakes
child-like joy


Unexpected and rare event
in Japan where we lived.
Unexpected accummulation
where snowfall usually melts
as fast as it falls.
In Wisconsin, USA, the snow
fall is an expected event and
much heavier.
Childish joy in the discovery
is a fond memory of my time
living in Minami Rinkan near
Tokyo in view of Mt Fuji.
My son had just been born
a few days before…
a neighbor cared for him as 
I delighted in the large wet snow
falling and covering the yard.


The Prompt:

Than I have here our Carpe Diem Special, a haiku by our featured haiku-poet, Richard Wright (1908-1960) … he was a forefighter of the Black Americans and in his last years he discovered haiku. He wrote a lot of haiku (more than 4000) and compiled an anthology of his own work with 880 haiku. He is really a great haiku-poet and I am loving his work very much. So let us go on to another wonderful haiku written by him. I have tried to use a haiku which is close to the GW-post earlier in this post. I think I have found a nice one to share here for your inspiration.

In the falling snow
A laughing boy holds out his palms
Until they are white.

© Richard Wright

The goal of the Carpe Diem Special is to write a haiku inspired on the given haiku by the featured haiku poet and try to touch the same sense, tone and spirit.


Here is my ( attempt:

through the early night
the laugh of children playing –
virgin snow

© Chèvrefeuille