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love of shared enthusiasm creating memories
Joan and Ralph ~ two peas in a pod
loved a good adventure, traditions a must

off to the Common Ground Fair 1989
hurricane HUGO no problem with rain gear,
enthusiastic we set off ~ had a grand time
……..cherita fom
Not much would stop Joan from something she had
planned. Not even a hurricane… tho snow and sleet
and chance of black ice the exception.
I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know
Joan’s parents since if we were near Augusta,
we would stop in to at least say hello and visit a
short time.
On the way home, from trips that were south of
Augusta, after a visit with Joan’s parents, later,
just her mom, we would stop at Perry’s Nut
House in Belfast. Ralph would buy at least some
chocolate covered nuts, Joan and I would roam the store
looking for fun and odd things and laugh.
TPOS prompt April 8, 2014: adventure
photos: 1. Common Ground poster for 1989
2. Perry’s Nut House (c) 9/1989 Sigrid Stevens ( Saradunn)


It takes three workers to make a 3 inch  green line of paint beside my driveway. Hmmm.


The process:

Florescent road cones/three guys/one job

paving/a surprise/makes “speedway”/State Street

quiet street/long past/speeding cars

school zone/no longer/kids beware

Moore school/senior center/day care

writing group/lively/summer plans/food

Sylvia’s/lunch/Dunn’s corner/conversation noisy?

“lost” certificate/HA!/received/signed/faxed

busy day/ceiling vacuumed/paint ready


6/21/2011  Six Word Journal for the first day of summer

friends/summer day/joyful/creating memories


Memory note:

Today’s paving of the street in front of my house was much more orderly than one in back in the day…

many years past,  but sticks firmly in the book of memories…

every year the street would have the crosswalk in front of the house painted,

just as school let out and then again the week before Labor Day.

One year, the crosswalk was painted in the spring

and I felt good that the kids could cross over to the playground, basketball courts safely for the summer.

(Drivers seemed more courteous back then, actually stopping  for people waiting to use a crosswalk.☺.)

Then the NEXT DAY I heard what sounded to be a big truck in front of my house,

looked out and they were PAVING over the crosswalk painted the day before.

OF course, they had to come back and repaint the cross walk that had just been painted and then paved over !

Lack of communication…

Sigh.  My tax dollars at work !