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30 Days of Inspiration

Day 05- A


Dear Beth,

Thank you, Beth,

short in stature,

tall in courage.

A dwarf,

a few days younger than me,

now gone,

but not forgotten.


You taught me about loyalty

and letting people know

who you are and what you

stand for.

Your bust of JFK was

a clue the moment

I entered your home ☺.


Your sense of humor about life

and having fun and acceptance

of circumstances of your birth…

I remember you telling me,

“I taught kindergarten,

we were the same size…”

and laughed !


I cannot imagine still having humor

after an accident left you without

your legs and wheelchair bound,

but you continued your selfless

cheerleading those around you

to persevere by example.

Your faith in Jesus,

the Holy Spirit,


and your fellow man

never seemed to waiver.


You loved your family

more than words could say.

So proud you were of their


large and small.


Fighting for what was right when

circumstances turned against

you and someone you trusted

tried controlling your fate,

was awe inspiring.

Short in stature,

tall in inner strength.


Beth you are.

now an angel, I’m sure.

you taught me to do what it takes,

to live life to the fullest,

no matter what it takes,

no matter what anyone else



You taught me

by example,

what a woman of

courage and faith

looks like.


I miss you.

Think of you often,

Quote you endlessly.


Peace and love,