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30 Days of  Truth…

Day 29 – Something you hope to change about yourself. And why.

I want to have a more active life…
something loosely planned for every day to not let time get away.
At my stage of life…retirement, and 67, it would be very easy to
let days, weeks go by and find out the time was without meaningful
So far, I have five days with part of the day doing something meaningful for me:
Sunday:  Church
Monday:  Vagabonds painting group…plein aire when possible (9 am to noon)
                   Everybody Eats…4pm…several of us from the writing group meet
                    and share a meal at a local church…
                    payment is by donation if one can afford it.
                    Meals are family style and one gets to meet others in the community
                   …the conversations are lively and sometimes we close the place ☺.
Tuesday:  Writing group…at Senior Center across the street  (9 am to noon)
Wednesday:  Portrait painting group…Blue Hill, Maine (9:30 am to noon)
Friday:  Vagabonds painting group, Somesville, ME (9 to noon)

Each group has lunch together…optional, but bonding.

I’d like to have a casual structure to my afternoons…exercising at the Y needs to be added in, and
to be sure the every day things get done or time is spent constructively like getting out to the Maine Grind to write
or to one of the park areas to paint
…unless a nap is in order !
One of the enemies of aging is frittering time away day after day….
and not making younger friends since loss of friends is another factor of aging…
without younger friends, soon you could be without the mental stimulation of friends.
(and for me Beano or Bingo…four letter words….destructive to my mental well being ☺.)
I am prone to agoraphobia… staying isolated, avoiding groups of people, crowds and depression.  
That is why I chose these things as something to improve…it would be very easy for me to drop each activity and
stay home without contact with other people.  
Being very hard of hearing, phone conversations are almost impossible.
It would be very easy for me to become invisible in the community as I do not have family here.