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Credits: Tokyo Hot Springs


….our prompt is Hot Springs and is a very clear prompt I think

so I don’t have to explain it. Here is the haiku which Jane Reichhold uses as an example for this kigo.

hot springs
not far from the desert sun
fire spirits

bubbling hot springs
in dry desert sands
fire opals

soaked in hot springs
crystal-filled waters
home in the stars

© Jane Reichhold

….I  (Kris. P. our host) wasn’t inspired to compose a new haiku on this prompt, but I thought “I have to share a haiku, so I have sought through all my haiku”, but couldn’t find a haiku on this prompt. So I love to share a haiku by Basho:

yuno nagori   kayoi wa hada no   samukara n 

tonight my skin
will miss the hot spring
it seems colder

© Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)

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my response to the prompt:
Hakone vacation
life time thrill in Mountains
hot springs delightful
………………………………  Saradunn

Earlier in June, Kathabela Wilson

on Tanka Poets on Site,  facebook,

had a similar prompt during her

travels in Japan.  


My tanka post on the hot springs

in Hakone:


Hakone’s winding roads
mountains ~ lakes iconic scenes
beauty on every turn 
hot springs bath -Mt Fuji in view
after midnight ~ couple shares best bath



When I lived in Japan, the hot spring
baths were divided by gender.
The women’s bath was plain and
utilitarian, the men’s much nicer
and luxurious.
The hotel clerk said the men’s side
was seldom used after midnight and
we could both use it then. (it was huge
and room for many people).


Kathabela Wilson  wrote in response to my post

about the hot springs baths:

“They are divided by gender in our bath also
though the upstairs indoor one is larger
and also has a room for a couple. ….
The open air sunken outdoors ones are so beautiful .”


Dear friends, I had severe computer problems for several months

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