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Stacey Stevens
January 25,1971-August 10, 2021

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Stacey wrote;
Written and inspired by an Alzheimer’s patient I was caring for once.
What is Needed Indeed
See my tears
how I cry
my feelings in disguise
Do you know how I feel ?
Am I happy, sad, or maybe just glad
To see what I once had.
Here I sit with tears, living in fear,
that all of this may once disappear.
Because I can’t speak,
Don’t make a peep,
I still hear the secrets that you want to keep.
How do I show what I want you to keep.
How do I show what I wnt is to go.
These eyes may hide my feelings inside,
But if you look closer you will see,
what is needed indeed . . .
Love, respect, honesty and dignity.

Stacey Doe, Nov. 1995

inspired to read when finding in
“Stone Lantern”
p. 66
help is on my side

as I wait in a garden
late summer – will it last ?

surely until the turn
and autumn
finds its way