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From my brother about the FATHER’S DAY photo:

The only time that I remember mother fishing

was in Yellowstone National Park,

Mom, dad and I went with Uncle Ed Winslow and family.

We were fishing on this sand bar in Yellowstone Lake

and I could not evem get a bite so I got mad and quit fishing.

If I remember correctly dad took my pole put different bait on it cast it out

and let mother fish and she did catch some fish that day.

Memory note from me:

The photo was dated July 1966, the month of their 25th Wedding Anniversary

and they were identified on the back as who are in the photo.

Since my mother had clear ideas of what foods, things she would touch without her Bluette rubber gloves on,

and the idea of her fishing was beyond my imagination, I asked my brother if he had any idea of the circumstances of the photo.

I noticed the curlers in her hair (not usually seen like that in public) and her nice blouse and pedal pushers, white tennies.

And the fish she is holding are in front of my father so they wouldn’t touch  HER clothes !

Lots to notice in the photo including both expressions on their faces.☺.