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A single peony…beautiful and to me unusual…I don’t recall seeing one before the other day at Patty’s.


The process:

writing group/lunch/Karen’s/mmmmm good

conversation/lively/five opinions/friendly “fire”‚ėļ

hot/muggy/looong nap/after Walmart

car/hospital/engine light/back Thursday ūüė¶


Six Word Journal…5 July 2011

Summer day/blissful /rewarding/nap refreshing



My favorite color firework this year was a few lemon yellow in the sky behind Little Richard on A Capitol Fourth on MPBN…from which this photo was taken.



Joy: found address after 6 1/2 years

(I redid the math…it really was that long ..December 2005)

June/divorced/widowed/we talked/”forever”

1967/babies/3 days apart/wow

Joy/hope lost/remarried/?name?/?state?


Jack/George/Everyone Eats/mega feast

A Capitol Fourth/patriotic/soul warming



Six Word Journal  4 July 2011

Joy/prayers answered/June/spontaneous conversation


Went back to sketch the dog wood blossoms…I’m in love.


The process:

church/morals/caring/politics/being transparent

Diana/summer visitors/seven children/exhausted

Siah/bootcamp/Army/groweth/medical training

downsizing/work/G helped/starting over



Six Word Journal July 3, 2011

Transparent life/family visits/children mature


PS.  Political note.

The state of Minnesota is “broke” and closed for business. ¬†There was a bit of talk

about how can a state “close down” but the memory of Maine doing the same in the past

seems to have faded ! ¬†I’ve been following Wisconsin’s fiscal problems also, having lived

in those two states and have family and friends still living in both of the states.

At the McGeorge House, just gorgeous colors.

A small bird bath with the Buddah … I have a lot of tiny birds, so the rock is so the smaller birds have a place to land.



Beautiful/sunny/warm/heavy traffic/rejoice

Photos/dogwood/inspiring/more photos followed

Outside/imperative /ride/Lamoine/Beach/Park


Six Word Journal  7/2/2011

Make the most of a glorious day.


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Johnny Jump Up in the Side walk… ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Survival against all odds

The Process:

I thought today I’d try something different…

maybe my brain was back to functioning and

able to create something new and innovative.

Not so, yet.

It’s been a while since my thinking pattern

was altered as a side effect of a medication.

The doctor assures me it isn’t dementia or


but the inability to grasp words on command

or have the huge mental pauses may last



I don’t want to bore myself or others

with the same old thing day after day.

For the few of you that read my six word


and leave kind messages,

I appreciate them more than you can know.

So for today, Six words it is:


Six Word Journal  6/26/2011

church/visitor/Maryanne/Chris/summer off

silence/tv/headphones/no port/returned

             Beautiful peony ( my mother called them Pee-OH-knees ) next door at the church.

The Process:.

Maine rain/water flows/no floods

Dakotas floods/Arizona fires/Texas drought

Tornadoes/floods/heat/drought/farmer’s foes


Six word Journal for 6/25/2011

Dad:  Weather/whether/wanted/or not



My dad grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and he was very philosophical about the weather and when one of use would

complain, he almost always say “You have you have weather whether you want it or not.” ¬†And that was our signal to

“adjust” to what ever weather we were whining about.

Unique, to me, dingy sail boat…taken for a breezy ride, back to the converted lobster boat ¬† ¬† ¬†…Sorrento Yacht Club


The process

Recuperated/pain improved/hip recovering/sigh

Margret/surprise visit/Bill/Patty/exhibit/Library

Sad/Bill sick/hospital/Boston/cancer

Bill/artist/cartoonist/funny/bear hugs

Patty/don’t know/artist/CNA/Portland


Phone calls/Jane/Sabrina/talked long


Six Word Journal  6/18/2011

Quiet day/Margret/Jane/Sabrina/joyful

Somesville, next to the Library…dainty in the mist.


Four Artists and styles/kindred souls

Quiet/not imposed/honored/muses present

Quiet voices at moments/thoughtful critiques


Six Word Journal

Mood: enhancing kindred souls/muses present.

Miniature Bleeding heart in the Misty Rain

Sunday/church/picnic canceled/rain

misty rain/cold/gray/near tears

the house/I’m scared/appraisal coming

scared sick/worried/what if/no

getting old is chicken poop, sigh.

stoop/droop/chicken poop/old age

the misty rain/in Downeast Maine

bleeding hearts/three sizes/my favorites

bleeding hearts/?icon?/hmmm./thinking/?significance?


Six Word Journal:


#1… Life Transitions/dealing poorly with/sick depressed

#2…Life Transitions/hopeful/independence/future brighter