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Miss Blaze


A Cat’s Tale

The Missing cat scat

As my community meal from
Everybody Eats, was delivered,
there was an “au du poo” scent
I told the lady,
that Miss Blaze must have
left me a present

Afterwards, I did a search
but couldn’t track the odor down.

I checked the kitchen and
the box used to keep Blaze
from going upstairs was missing ..
I made a temporary gate of cardboard..

The next day, the cardboard still in place

Friday, the third day, I noticed a gap between
the cardboard and wall that she could slide thru ..

Saturday noticed the cardboard now knocked down and obviously
Miss Blaze had been upstairs again

I am not able to go up the stairs
since the railing on second floor stops before the top

The last time I used the steps .. I almost called the police
and asked for help ..
stuck on the top stairs and can’t go up or down…
that would have made the local newspaper’s police report

I decided on Sunday, to ask the two people that have been in the house,
if they had removed the box gate.
I wrote them an email since I can’t hear on the phone and my question too
long to text.

The Email to my friends:

The box/gate that fit “just right” but awkward,
is no longer on the third stair going up to the second floor…
two pieces of thin cardboard that leave an opening, are there…
with room for a sneaky Queen of the House to go upstairs…

Do either of you recall moving the box .. it has been there since whenever Blaze arrived
or even before when I had Bianca that was there ??? Will have to come up with plan B
.. if the box is some where in the house would be easier than to find the just right
box from years of yore.

I will need one of you to go upstairs and look for cat “presents”,
pretty please and thank you.

The eau d’poo scent from Wednesday, I thought might have been a giant faht
when I couldn’t find any cat scat
( a sort of Willie Nelson’s “Always on my Mind” mystery for me )
I found on the mysterious deposit on the second step behind
two pieces of cardboard that did not fit to block The Queen from going upstairs.

I am … OMGawd, … sounds weird to think I am wondering seriously where 3 days ..
four if today’s missing too … cat droppings.

Starting my message over to be more clear

I am curious if the missing cat doo is upstairs. since I saw her coming down
off the bottom step looking at me as if I was an intruder to her private space.

It was annoying … but will be no longer .. the inside the door cat depository .. may need to
find a way to block off that area to avoid running over the pooop ūüôā

I thought too long .. burned with my right wrist with a DROP of boiling water
.. no harm,
but a reminder things more important than thinking about missing cat biological waste.

LARFP … Always a poem in everyday life.

a glance to door
or scent of au d’poo
at least not the tub
watched by the Queen, Miss Blaze,
with an innocent catty look


“I didn’t do it” must have done it.
Poor Lewis/Louis the Ghost … now the blame is on him




(c) January 2014 Saradunn Miss ¬†Blaze S’More


Carpe Diem prompt companionship


New Year ~ hearts join

bereaved ~ sought soul mate  ~  found

Charlie Chaplin ‘stash




My dear Bianca had been gone almost 3 months 
and I found myself really missing the companionship
of another living being. ¬†The shelter had a “sale”
for cats thru the end of the year, since the weather 
was blizzard after blizzard and arctic temps.  The
shelter had to cancel its fund raiser and decided to
keep the price from Kittenpalooza thru the end of
the year.
I had been in a couple of times, but just couldn’t
make a decisions.  When Ino realized I needed to
get myself out of the dumpers, and the price was
right, I headed to the shelter and presented my
“wants” to the staff. ¬†
*** a cat that was older and therefore not easy to
find a forever home.
***  possible mouser
***  not too big
*** ¬†not to clingy…I didn’t want to have a cat always
       wanting to be picked up, held or sit with me
Well, Miss Blaze S’More fits the bill sort of. ¬†I didn’t realize
that 2 1/2 was “old” for adoption…people want kittens
under a year old.   Eleven pounds is quite a big cat,
but she is long an sleek.
Her personality fits the bill… I am the Princess Serf,
whom she allows to live in the house.  She sits with
me when it pleases her an no one else is around she
prefers !
A fine companion for a not so little old lady …¬†
Miss Blaze S’More my companion and boss.


(c) January 2014 Saradunn Miss ¬†Blaze S’More