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© Sigrid Saradunn 2011….“Eclipse of the Wooden Eye Moon” January 4, 2011

Bianca, acrylic on canvas 12″ x 12 “


Bianca Oreo 2002 to October 19, 2013


© Sigrid Saradunn 2013…


Bianca after loosing about 8 pounds…

(hard to believe looking at the photo!

She eventually was a little over 6 pounds….)

For the last two weeks,

she suddenly developed a taste for

“people food”

…chicken and pork chops

which of course,

I, Hard Hearted Hannah ☺

cooked for her.




© Sigrid Saradunn 2013  Bianca October 6, 2013. 

On this day, a  petite ten pounds (peak was 18 +)

and still giving me her “best view”…

I would get this view more than any other…☺.



Bianca was so miserable this morning,

made an appt. with the Vet. 

So at approx. 12:40 pm

she crossed the rainbow bridge.

She looked at peace… I didn’t use a carrier,

she stayed quiet to the vets

and never struggled

from the time I left the house

to the end. 


Bianca came into my life

February 29, 2008,

at about 6.5 years of age.

when I took my youngest

grand-daughter to the local

shelter to play with the kittens.

My daughter and the two

girls thought I’d be lonely

and decided I needed a cat.

Bianca was stationed

at the door…she’d been

returned 3 or 4 times because

she didn’t like other cats,

kittens, dogs, children,

…people in general. 

But she DID like my

x hubby #2

(I can’t remember HOW

HE got to be involved

that day, but he did)

and that is how

she came to leave with

me when the other cats

weren’t suitable.

(came in pairs, or weren’t

house broken)


She taught me a lot

about animals and pets…

and people.

Bianca was extremely

smart and besides that…

a good mouser.

No matter how sick she felt,

if there was a mouse

to catch,

she was into duty mode…

and would stalk it til

it was mission accomplished.

I haven’t had many pets,

none as a child,

and never attended the death

of any of them.

My Cocker Spaniel

was my death of a pet

and I had a long term

unresolved grief response

to that loss.


I do, for now, intend to keep

her photo as my icon

and will continue to write

about her as things remind

me of her.

My friends tell me that when

the time is right,

a new cat will appear,

needing a home,

and my home,

hoping it is a good mouser

will welcome it …

mouser or not !

Thank you all for your support…

without you knowing,

your posts on all the various prompts

have helped me thru this difficult

time of hospice care for



Peace and love,