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Credits: Popol-Vuh (2)


The Popol-Vuh is a manuscript

 in which the Creation 


other Mayan Mythology stories 

are described. 


This episode of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

 is about the Creation according to the Popol Vuh.



Credits: Popol-Vuh (1)



There are four deities, 

three in a celestial realm 

collectively called Tepeu and Heart of Heaven 


another on the terrestrial plane 

called Gucumatz.



gods attempted to create living beings 

so that they may be praised 

and venerated by their creation. 

Their first attempts 

(animals, mud man, and wooden man) 

proved unsuccessful 


they lacked speech, souls, and intellect.

“This the Forefathers did, 

Tepeu and Gucumatz, as they were called. 

After that they began to talk about the creation 

and the making of our first mother and father; 

of yellow corn and of white corn 

they made their flesh; 

of cornmeal dough 

they made the arms and the legs of man. 

Only dough of corn meal 

went into the flesh of our first fathers, 

the four men, who were created. […] 


And as they had the appearance of men, 

they were men; 

they talked, conversed, saw 

and heard, walked, grasped things; 

they were good and handsome men, 

and their figure was the figure of a man.”

Women were created later 

while the first four men slept. 

(Source: Wikipedia)



My response to the episode:
corn meal dough formed
good and handsome men  ~  four men slept
all natural mates
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