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Writing Group Met at Marttha’s to “Bond” during the summer break in meetings
A wonderful booklet of photos and memories of a photographer who spent many years with Elvis



The Process:


Martha’s/writing group/can we go back? ☺

Elvis/Lucy/Carmen Miranda/adorn walls
food delicious/waitress accommodating/company fun
JD/Jayden/portraits complete/birthday gift
JD/21/amazing/ten years/here
Six Word Journal  6/28/2011
Summer/Maine/vacationland/September soon here
Note:  At Martha’s the walls, shelves are decorated with memorabilia mainly of  “I love Lucy” and and “Elvis”…but there is more variety.  I chose the booth with the Elvis booklet on the shelf  beside the  booth and the views of him on the wall…thinking of my roommate, Julie, from Nurses training who loved and still adores Elvis.
My father did not allow Elvis music to be played, nor the records displayed in his F W Woolworth store in West Allis, Wisconsin, USA,  because of the movements Elvis  made with his hips when he sang !