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TPOS prompt: rounded edges,


My response to the prompt:



cyberspace figment
imagination wanders
clouds hover
never lost ~ a wisp away
search and ye shall find

for Ari



Kathabela Wilson prompt, Tanka Poets on Site

March 18, 2015 tanka prompt: rounded edges, “struggle against the straight line”


(Our poet friend Joan Stern

went on a trip to Antarctica,

and on the way back she stopped in Uraguay recently.

She came home with a signed print by Vilaro,

who designed many beautiful environments,


and paintings.


He mentions his

“lifelong struggle against the straight line.”

Compared to Gaudi in his flowing,

unusual conceptions,

the organic nature

of the ebb and flow of shapes and motion

seems natural.


What rough edges have you smoothed,

corners, rounded?


How have you “struggled against the straight line”

in your work,



.'March 18 prompt:  rounded edges, "struggle against the straight line" (Paez Vilaro)'