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If I die young…

it will be in another life time now..

When I was young,
a young wife,
a young mother,
then not so young mother,
it was on my mind.
There were times
the diagnosis
wasn’t kind,
and, being a nurse,
I’d head for the diagnosis
and nursing books…
long before the internet.
“What would my children do”?
Who would take care of them
and make sure they grew
to a fine woman
and successfull  man ?
I had plans for them.
I’ve watched them grow
to adulthood,
and now middle age…
themselves parents.
So, young readers,
we never know what the fates
have in store for us…
we all worried
as you will, too.
More mature readers
will tell you,
they had similar worries,
scares, and close experiences
that made them wonder,
what will happen to those I love,
If I die young…..