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Credits: Sedna, Goddess of the Seas

Our inspiration prompt for this haiku is:

One legend tells how she made a vow to remain single 
in order to look after her poor old father. 
All suitors were spurned and offers of marriage refused.

Then one day a mysterious but utterly charming fellow turned up in his kayak.
He was a handsome foreigner, intelligent, exotic and very alluring. 
Not only that, he was rich! 
SEDNA was offered blubber in abundance. 
Luxuriant furs to sleep on. 
All the fish oil she could possibly make use of. 
This was too much for a young girl to cope with 
and she allowed herself to be lured into his canoe.
The marriage was not a happy one. 
Although he adored her, she soon came to find him repellent. 
“You’re not the man I married,” she often said. 
With some justification as it turned out he was really a spooky bird-spirit.
Meanwhile SEDNA’s father was tearing his furs in anguish. 
Deciding to pay a visit to his lost daughter, he sailed to the Land Of Birds 
and found her in a state of distress. 
That evening,
 her husband returned home from work and found her gone. 
In a screaming rage, the bird spirit climbed into his kayak 
and paddled in pursuit at full speed. (He did an awful lot of paddling for a bird spirit.)
As he approached, SEDNA tried to hide under some furs, 
but her husband became so angry that the skies turned black 
and the ocean began to seethe. 
That was enough to terrify anyone, and SEDNA’s father, 
fearing the very world was coming to an end, chucked her overboard.
Poor SEDNA clutched at the side of the kayak, 
but her grim father chopped her fingers off and down she went. 
At once the skies cleared, the bird spirit flapped off and peace descended.
 SEDNA’s fingers wriggled onto an ice floe and became the first sea creatures, 
and SEDNA herself floated to the very bottom of the sea and stayed there.
Many many years have passed since then. 
Now she rules all Arctic Sea life, deciding the fate of all ocean creatures — 
and the people who hunt them. 
I was unable to figure out how to shorten the story and I hope you enjoyed
reading it.
My haiku inspired by the story:
Arctic Sea ruler
bottom of sea homebody
meals provided


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