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.(c) 2014 Saradunn



3 dicepricey dice thriller
play one’s in the center
children’s laughter
children’s up to any age
… dice game for all
rolling on river
high and fast roll the dice
river vultures drool

1 decay

winter road decay
beware sink holes and pot holes 
mechanics delight

roads winter wear
cars undersides salty rot
rims bend, tires tire

2 drain

spring prom gowns
couples have new dance moves
chaperons gutter minds

4 dawn

rooster announces 
daybreak peaks over distant hills
starts much to early

horizons first light 
pink yellow orange parfait
mother looks at clock

5 down

down sizing
bain of old age
dump man’s delight

down town
all dressed up ~ window shopping
stiletto heels tapping
back in the day, 
a young lady or a woman of any age, 
would dress up to go shopping…
white gloves and all. 
Hard to imagine how times have changed, 
but will always remember the sound 
of steel stiletto heels on the sidewalk


written for facebook page.

NaHaiWriMo facebook site encourages

other than the standard 5-7-5 haiku forms.

It is a place to  have fun, play creatively,

experiment, try something new, practice

writing haiku daily.