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not long ago
brown eyes were turning blue
silence was deafening
those days now over
honeysuckle back in bloom
CSP prompt: past
photo: www. free use image


photo (c) Saradunn NorEaster Iola..1/24/2015


Prompt: Small stones:
a journey of mindfulness: sound


My Response to the Prompt:

Sound of Snow Falling


birds in hiding
snow falling
crunch under foot ~ gather wood
fireplace ~ sizzle snap of flames



(c) Saradunn



Prompt: when we can’t talk (death)
talk of death avoided
except once
after the fall ~ alone 94 hours
death a black hole ~ nothingness



                        Johnny Jump Up in the Side walk…                Survival against all odds

The Process:

I thought today I’d try something different…

maybe my brain was back to functioning and

able to create something new and innovative.

Not so, yet.

It’s been a while since my thinking pattern

was altered as a side effect of a medication.

The doctor assures me it isn’t dementia or


but the inability to grasp words on command

or have the huge mental pauses may last



I don’t want to bore myself or others

with the same old thing day after day.

For the few of you that read my six word


and leave kind messages,

I appreciate them more than you can know.

So for today, Six words it is:


Six Word Journal  6/26/2011

church/visitor/Maryanne/Chris/summer off

silence/tv/headphones/no port/returned