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SouthWest Harbor, Maine. July 2013

I know
the heat here
is not as debilitating
as it is elsewhere,
but I am literally
ill from the heat
and humidity.
It was
damp, foggy
when we drove
to Southwest Harbor
to paint at someone’s
house… an indoor day.
Suddenly the sun
came out when
we were
rain !
the rest
of the day
was spent with
ice packs and trying
to settle my stomach.
As the heat continues
stay hydrated everyone
and check on your neighbors.
There was a man who
left his infant twims
and older children
in a locked car up
.. …keep an
eye out for
in cars

The house we went to (gray house)
and the house next door. There is a
church in the next block that at noon
had five or ten minutes of the church
bell ringing. Awesome.
7/20/13 SBS/small stones: Writing Our Way Home