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photo: Straight Line Quilting
“vanity” ..


Seize the Poem prompt: straight line


My response to the prompt:


Straight Line Quilting


oodles of colors
straight line quilting
puckering not wanted
slow & steady wins the race
grandma always knew best



I would have loved to have the time

to quilt.  At one time, there was a trend

for the straight line quilting and classes

but was unable to take them and then

time moved on.    I am amazed at the leaps

and bounds the straight line quilting has taken.


As a child, my paternal Grandmother Gerstner

would put her quilts together on my bed when

she stayed with us… I was the only grand-child

with a double bed.  I’d see patches of material

from clothes I recognized and presume the other

relatives would also.