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The prompt this week is the word ‘Ethereal’
Number of words: 
Exactly one hundred
but don’t use the word ‘ethereal’ anywhere
in your writing.  





When SHE  walks into the room

heads always turn.  It is her eyes,

everyone says.  “Something about her eyes.”

It helps that she was gorgeous, perfect

figure, expensive clothes and hair that

is “just right” and never mussed.


There is a glow about her that draws

people to her.  Annoying…when SHE

shows up, the rest of us might as well

go home.  And what’s worse, SHE seems


It is discouraging to be in the same

room with “HER”… everyone knows who

“HER” is.


I have a cure for that

divine out of this world gaze of hers…

large DARK sunglasses.



Jenny Matlock