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thinking back forty eight years of Earth Day
we clean up the earth one day a year
seems like it should be every day every year
back in the days long forgotten or past history to some
people of the Great Depression were frugal ~
Use It Up, Wear It Out and Make It Do
I think the idea of what century versus which decade makes me feel old 🙂 I think it was in the early 1990s that my friend Joan and I did an Earth Day Presentation with t-shirts with the
quote in the photo, if I recall right.
It was great fun working Joan and my styles together..
the Energizer Bunny (Joan) and the Tortoise (myself).
“Forget not
that the earth delights
to feel your bare feet,
and the winds long
to play with your hair.”
— Kahlil Gibran
Remember, in Joan’s honor, we can leave the earth cleaner than we found it every day of our lives.
TPOS prompt cherita form: Earth Day
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