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against the sky
trees filled ~ murder of crows
feel their stare
patience is their virtue
roadkills sweet treat their reward
TPOS: silhouettes #2
photo: (c) 2010 Saradunn


Camp Nebagamon
photo on facebook page

When I was young, in grade school and junior high,
I would visit relatives at “The Range”
as they called their group of cabins
at Camp Nebagamon in Northern Wisconsin
where the married counselors lived.
I remember many things about those visits, but as a child,
felt the trees would talk to us
and remember that when the wind blows
in DownEast Maine where I live now.
back on the range
remember the sound
whispering pines
fortelling a thunder storm
forests sang a different tune

My Response to the Prompts
chance conversation
Winslow ~ John or Edward
joined at the roots
one tree stayed put
the other went Westward Ho
On Thanksgiving many years ago
I joked about not our grandfather’s
Thanksgiving in Plimoth to a nursing
home resident who was proud of her
roots going back to the Mayflower.
A co-worker said, which one when she
heard me say Winslow… and it seems
our many times great grandfathers were
brothers…Edward and John.

seize the poem prompts:
5.11.15 Roots…(family)
5.12.15 answers