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Kathabela Wilson Prompt


(Yesterday, as we were arriving home from Japan, 

Gary gave the prompt “little surprises” 

I was surprised that it was Tuesday (again) 

and right in tune with the prompt. 

It was hard to see on my phone, 

while we were getting off the plane, 

and even later, what was “on top” of the stack of rocks 

in his picture. I had to ask. 

A little tree. So subtle and sweet.


It reminded me of many things we had seen 

on this journey and everyday life too. 


How what is on top of a building, 

a statue, 

a person’s head 

is important and there for a reason, 

sometimes accidental, 

often purposeful. 


Even when accidental, 

it often acquires meaning 

in the eye of the person looking. 


What is “on top” of you, 

your head, 

your house, 

something you see every day, 

something memorable in travels, 

or childhood, 

what does it mean 

and can the significance, 



importance come alive in your tanka?)

My response to the prompt:
perfect finish
summer picnic meal 
fresh watermelon 
the lucky one got the top piece 
a curlicue for garnish
Kitchen Gardens:
A Growing Restaurant Trend in the U.K



My response to the prompt:
oh my stars and garters
watermelons ripe for eating
juicy and sweet
stars and moons ~earthly beauty
seed spitting contests each melon
Aug 28 prompt: watermelons in your life, memories, meanings, myth, significance,

Kathabela Wilson prompt:

 tanka prompt: watermelon memories, meanings, tributes


(As we wandered through the Shinto shrine on our way to the peaks of Mt. Tsukuba, 

an unusual large stone sculpture caught our attention. 

It stood out among the other carvings and monuments, gargoyles, statues and garden figures. 

I had to ask what it was and what the script on its plaque was saying. 

“It’s about a watermelon” our host said. 

We are thanking the watermelon for its delicious fruit. 

and for the good fortune it brings.” 

Shinto honors nature, has no texts, or “gods” 

in the normal sense 

so this expression in honor 

of the watermelon 

was natural and genuine to its spirit. 

How has watermelon figured in your life, 

how has it been significant, inspiring, 

integral to your childhood, growth,


Have you run into it in odd situations? 

How does the watermelon fit in your tanka?)