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My response to the prompt:


blustery night

dancing to Skater’s waltz 

MacCarthy Park
Growing up in Minnesota USA
and West Allis Wisconsin, USA
ice skating was a frequent winter activity.
The West Allis neighborhood park 
had a large pond with lights.
The days get dark early in winter and we’d
be able to skate in the late afternoon.
We skated in the frigid Wisconsin cold 
with music playing.  A fond memory.
The Dutch are big fans of ice skating
and as you maybe know our Dutch ice-skaters have won several championships,
but as I look at myself… well I can ice-skate, but I am not a big fan of it.
I love to watch ice skating, but figure skating I love more to watch.
Figure skating looks like ballet or dancing
and it’s really a joy to watch it, not to do it …
I am not that good in figure skating I hardly can take a curve on the ice
… no – figure skating is great to look at, but not to do it …
This is the example of Jane for this “modern kigo”:.a broken mirror

now the ice breaker pushes apart
the joys of skating