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A safe trip to and back from Boston to bring Sabrina here.

Sabrina being successful her first year at the New England Institute of Art.

The rain we desperately needed.

Good friends, known and unknown.

The writing group bonding thru luncheon meetings during the summer…

and tonite  celebrating Jack’s birthday at Crocker House…with him, there were seven of us there.

Being able to stay in my own home hopefully for many more years.

My children and grandchildren.

Being able to see and appreciate the beauty of the flowers and plants this year.

Being thought of as a support person for sharing, venting and asking for prayers during crisis….Much sadness and ill health in others families at this time…thankful for modern medicine for possible help in relief of symptoms.




It takes three workers to make a 3 inch  green line of paint beside my driveway. Hmmm.


The process:

Florescent road cones/three guys/one job

paving/a surprise/makes “speedway”/State Street

quiet street/long past/speeding cars

school zone/no longer/kids beware

Moore school/senior center/day care

writing group/lively/summer plans/food

Sylvia’s/lunch/Dunn’s corner/conversation noisy?

“lost” certificate/HA!/received/signed/faxed

busy day/ceiling vacuumed/paint ready


6/21/2011  Six Word Journal for the first day of summer

friends/summer day/joyful/creating memories


Memory note:

Today’s paving of the street in front of my house was much more orderly than one in back in the day…

many years past,  but sticks firmly in the book of memories…

every year the street would have the crosswalk in front of the house painted,

just as school let out and then again the week before Labor Day.

One year, the crosswalk was painted in the spring

and I felt good that the kids could cross over to the playground, basketball courts safely for the summer.

(Drivers seemed more courteous back then, actually stopping  for people waiting to use a crosswalk.☺.)

Then the NEXT DAY I heard what sounded to be a big truck in front of my house,

looked out and they were PAVING over the crosswalk painted the day before.

OF course, they had to come back and repaint the cross walk that had just been painted and then paved over !

Lack of communication…

Sigh.  My tax dollars at work !

Beside the Somesville Library…always inspiring.


The Process:

Writing group/summer session/lunch time

decided places to go/cool/bonding

conversation/lively/opinions mixed/loved it

Jane/broke wrist/writers her  family

counselling /loan/fast paced/intense/successful ?

tomorrow/house/evaluation/intense expectations/hopeful


6/14/2011 Six Word Journal 1 of 2


Field of Buttercups on Bayside

Thoughts for the day:

Writing group/presents to Joan/sunny

white iris’s/buttercup field/in field

rowing machine/new start/tired/sad

reverse mortgage research/in future/hopeful


Six Word Journal

white iris’s glowing /buttercup field /magnificent