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Siberian Shaman from Carpe Diem post.  The term ‘shaman’ originated in Siberia.



The story continues:

Where we are on a rock not so far from the shore to experience a shaman ritual.
It doesn’t really matter if the shaman is a male or a female,
 because they sure have the same powers,
maybe the female shamans have even stronger powers than the male ones,
but that’s not the point here.

The shaman is lighting a fire in a hollow dug in the ground

to protect the flames from the wind that continues to blow.
He places a kind of drum next to the fire and opens a bottle containing some unfamiliar liquid.
….The shaman starts beating on the drum gradually getting faster and faster.
The wind is getting stronger…..
The flames dance wildly about,
but do not go out.
The drumming grows more furios.
The shaman is trying to make his heart keep time
with the beating of his hand on the leather skin,
the bottom part of the drum being left open to let in the spirits.
fire blazes ~ wind blows  
bare feet meet with Mother Earth
Shaman’s Black Dragon*
another lifetime past
paths crossed in the light of stars
drum beats hearts beating
drums to all souls hearts
hearts beat together as one
river flows before all
*   The Chinese name for this river, Heilong Jiang, 

means Black Dragon River in English, 
and its Mongolian name, Khar mörön , means Black River.