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# 1683 (2020) TPOS … Favorite Name

Road sign to Forest Ridge Campgrounds Ellsworth Maine
DownEast Maine
names tell of history or use
Steamboat Landing
unique and trendy hard to find
‘cept for Flockamoosen Way
TPOS prompt: favorite name
photo: 2019 Saradunn

road sign to Forest Ridge Campground in Ellsworth, Maine

# 1682 re-post For Carry on Tuesday 8/23/2011… A Time to Say Goodbye


The time has come,
after all my whining
about wanting quiet time,
an empty house,
no disruptions to my thoughts,
I remember being told,
“be careful what you wish
for…you MAY get it.”
The time has come
for the last to leave
and move away,
and not return
to stay.
not just go to school,
join the Air Force,
(you tricked me here,
but I understand,
better life choices
in Denver)
or out of the house but
still with in reach …
twenty miles is almost
next door.
When the time came,
Y’all took my advice,
move near an airport
to make visiting easy…
Denver and
Dallas airports seem
a world away.
Close but not so close.
The time has come for
the last “forever” move,
on her own,
the first grandchild to be on
her own.
My house has been her “base”,
home away from home,
for almost 19 years.
The time has come
for all good things
to come to an end.
Good things will start
in Texas for Sabrina,
her new home,
new school of art,
near her mother,
And I can’t forget
the CATS,
Baby and Kiki
who’ve been missed like
The time has come,
a new day
is starting,
a new door opened,
a new chapter has
It’s a time to say

# 1681 TPOS prompt: loss, Drastic Life Event: Fire at Notre Dame, Paris

Notre Dame in Paris
historic faith icon
survived for centuries
crumbles in flames
hymns sung ~ prayers said
people weep ~ vigil kept
TPOS prompt: 3/21 Loss
February 9, 2016 TPOS prompt: drastic life event
photo: free use photo with my words

# 1680 . .. February 2019 Peace Post Card Poem # 7

old soldier
thinking of his mother
and the mothers of those
taken by the war
the grief
the loss
peace comes hard
before the end
knowing the price of war
he caused for others
not feeling his debt
paid in full
2019 Peace PoPo SBS.

# 1679 . .. February 2019 Peace Post Card Poem # 6

they wait alone
old age
a broken cage
peace flew by
long ago
now wondering why
in her final years
elusive peace
2019 Peace PoPo SBS

# 1678 . .. February 2019 Peace Post Card Poem # 5

they came
lived side by side
learned “the enemy”
was just like them
~ told to hate
kindred souls
seeds of peace sown
my heart yearns
for youthful souls to change
to love one another
2019 Peace PoPo SBS

# 1677 . .. February 2019 Peace Post Card Poem # 4

heart of stone
formed from hatred
stored within
a gentle soul
stopped and watched
a kind word
a soothing spirit
heart opened just a moment
peace and love entered
heart of stone
grateful with peace
peace crept in
2019 Peace PoPo SBS