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# 1695 Stacey Memory Posted September 10, 2021

Stacey first date photo for 8th grade prom

RiP my darling daughter, Stacey.
1/25/1971 – 8/10/2021

photo of Stacey … first date, 8th grade prom

8/10/2021 posted

wrote poem 9/10/2021
l wish I’d thought
to tell Stacey how much she
reminds me of a happy
Princess Diana in this photo
A Kodak moment for Stacey
How surprised I was when
she mentioned 8th grade prom !
Bret’s class didn’t have one.
Realized a rite of passage
for Mother and Daughter
Stacey picked the dress out
and it also had a red sash …
unless I’m having a mental pause.
She would have rolled her eyes
at me for sure if I asked her

Now I have to rely on memories
or hope a photo is tucked away
in a collection from 1985
A pivotal year .. Bret to UMO
~ Stacey to High School

~ Stacey moved in Bret’s room
before he left “Just a few things”
A sweet memory that seems
so long ago ~ yet yesterday
Thankful for the memory

9/10/ 2021 posted to facebook

# 1694 Broken Hearted August 10, 2021 Saddest Day of my Life

Stacey Stevens
January 25,1971-August 10, 2021


January 25, 1971 – August 10, 2021

Stacey Ellen Stevens (DeBeck, Doe )
died in a Dallas, Texas, hospital intensive care
with her daughters
Sabrina DeBeck and MacKenzi (Stanley) Stevens
present outside the room
and in her final moments
talking to her over the phone.

A complete obituary will be published at a later date.

Published in the Ellsworth (Maine) American
August 24/2021

Ellsworth and Bar Harbor

# 1693 Michael Czarnecki zoom prompt: When the leaves come falling down

“Clinging to you” blogger username, Heaven.

Title inspired by poem by Canadian titled:
“Clinging to you” blogger username, Heaven.

kiss me anew, here
before the last maple leaf
falls, and first snowflake
wets my pale lips, stilling time
twisted in salty drenched arms
hurl me anew, here
before the last rose petal
dips, and first winter
drop caresses my bare hips
unfolding, clinging to you

by Heaven, Canada with permission
shared on Michael Czarnecki Zoom
When the leaves come falling down

Great grand-son in Denver CO 2021 for Michael Czarnecki prompt When the leaves come falling down

Mile High fall
red headed toddler
crisp leaves up to knees

pulling rake behind him
dragging for leaves
shared on Michael Czarnecki Zoom
When the leaves come falling down

photo by Sierra Stevens

# 1692 ( 8/29/2011 re-post ) Inspiration Monday: Truth decay

black-hole eyes / soul dead /lost

soul  numb / spirit decays /  blank view.

aura disappears / heart mourns

# 1691 Six Word Journal re-post 8/24/2011 Wednesday

Veggies from the garden

Morgan is the model this week.

The Process:

portrait group/Morgan/good model/patient

Sabrina leaves/Thursday am/hair streaked

Sabrina/packing/late ☺/early to rise


Six word Journal:

Sabrina leaving/hole/ heart/soul/sigh


# 1690 Five question Friday…8/26/2011 re-post

Five question Friday…8/26/2011
August 30, 2011
Five question Friday…8/26/2011…I was late, so didn’t get this posted, but wanted to develop some discipline..of some kind !

1. Did You Make Any Fun Purchases This Week?

T-shirt at the Bangor Music Festival…not too much fun, but nice to have a new t-shirt without acrylic paint stains ☺.

2. If You Could Go To Any Musical Concert, What Would It Be?

Hmmmmmmmm. I missed Bob Dylan last week, so…..Bruce Springsteen

3. What Is Your Least Fav/ Most Fav House Chore?

Least favorite – Bathroom

Most favorite – emptying clean dishes out of the dishwasher

4. Would You Prefer New Appliances Or Clothes?

Now that I have my new stovetop and hood, clothes.

5. Miracle Whip/Mayo?

Miracle Whip…learning to like Mayo

# 1689 For Monday Morning Word Prompt: re-post First Day of School August 29, 2011

Free Use Photo
School bell rings, moms cry.

child’s first school day, traumatic
little ones, grow so fast

# 1689 For dVerse Poetics: Sunday 8/28/2011 Prompt: Third Eye Open: Good and Evil August 29, 2011 The Aura of Good and Evil

For dVerse Poetics: Sunday 8/28/2011 Prompt: Third Eye Open: Good and Evil
August 29, 2011
The Aura of Good and Evil

Can you feel what I feel,
the aura of good or evil ?
Can you feel confident
of the love of the good in people?
Knowing deep down you can trust
your first born or aging parent with them?
Can you trust that feeling
of terror or fear in the room and in your heart
leading to the man
your friend is so in love with and plans to marry ?
The gift of feeling another’s aura
is an awesome responsibility.
Knowing when to trust your gut,
when to act, or not is another.
When you are right on the gift of love,
it is hard not to gloat and pat yourself on the back.
The same with evil…
“I told you so” on the bitten tongue,
can it stay there for ever and ever ?
Can you accept when you are wrong,
and spoke too soon,
or when you were right and didn’t speak
and disaster struck ?

Can you feel what I feel,
the aura of good or evil ?

# 1688 For Saturday Centus: re-print from 8/27/2011: “Surprise ! I’m pregnant” !

August 28, 2011
Surprise ! I’m pregnant !.

What else can cause joy/fear/tears
With any three words ? sigh.

# 1687 Alphabe-thursday — the letter S // re-post from 8/26/2011 S is for the Island of Sunshine

photograph (c) Sigrid Saradunn
August 26, 2011
S is for the Island of Sunshine
The Island of Sunshine/ an island of sorrow/
sisters three/now sister alone.
Life’s changes/the universe calls
Two watch over one.

For Jennifer, known as “Jeff”,
the oldest of three/ has buried two younger sisters
one two years ago, one last week.
The island of Sunshine is near Deer Isle, Maine.