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#1576 TPOS: sad memories: our flag weeps

The events in Vegas on October I, 2017
did not remain in Vegas ~ word spread fast.
Young and old, rich and poor, strangers, friends or family.
no discrimination of color, religion or national origin.
Heroes and angels, visitors and locals
appeared out of the crowd and town.
cherita form
may they find peace of mind or rest in peace
despicable evil
heart wrenching pain
unspeakable flashbacks
our flag weeps
TPOS prompt: sad memories
photo: Oct 4, 2017 Saradunn
Ellsworth, Maine, City Hall Flag
at half staff


#1575 TPOS prompt: microcosm

gleaming limited
peck and search
lunch on ground floor
note: “snowbirds” a word play on
the people who go to warmer climes for the winter
and we call them “snowbirds” in Maine.
the geese come to Maine from Canada as their warmer climate

    TPOS prompt: microcosm

photo: (c) 2015 Saradunn
Canadian Geese at the Somesville, Maine library

#1574 seize the poem 2016 prompt # 8 decipher

love note found
looks like scribbling
hard to decipher
know they love me
know their heart in a beat
seize the poem 2016 prompt # 8 decipher
photo: www free image

#1573 TPOS: a made up language

what to do
nothing to do at night
language all your own
try to remember the rules
TPOS prompt: 11/6/2015 a foreign language
or a made up language
Photo: (c) 2016 Saradunn and Hennessy

#1572 TPOS: on the bed

on the bed
placed to perfection
white chenille bedspread
learned to read and write here
best penmanship practiced here
I did have a desk and chair next to the bed
but preferred to lay on my stomach to write
and my best penmanship seemed to be in
that position.
Reading would be with the pillows behind me…
yes, messing the lines of the bedspread, or
on my stomach. Then bedspread re-turned to
its neat and orderly look !
TPOS prompt: on the bed
photo: free use image of vintage bedspread
I chose it because the pillows are covered like
my mother would insist and the intricate print
all lines in order.

#1571 TPOS: unexpected memories images indelibly etched in my minds eye

that Tuesday
image in NYC
cerulean sky
next billowing clouds
TPOS: unexpected memories
images indelibly etched in my
minds eye
photo: nymag.archives

# 1570 TPOS: silhouettes #3

curled up
hiding in darkened room
feel her eyes
a mystery to find her
her ‘stash gives her away
TPOS prompt silhouettes #3
photo: (c) 2014 Saradunn
Miss Blaze hiding in a brown grocery bag