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# 1683 guest post: She is a legacy: Rev Joan Preble

From my daughter, Stacey’s ( 1971 – 2021 ) blog, Gracefully His.

Stacey wrote:

Sigrid Saradunn, Stacey’s mother, and in front,
Joan Preble

Rev. Deacon Joan Preble, St Dunstan’s Episcopal Church Ellworth Maine USA

This post is dedicated to a very special woman in my life. As a young child, she was my role model at St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church. I always looked forward to seeing her. She taught me the sacraments and how to be an altar girl. I couldn’t wait to be old enough to be in her Sunday school class. She was my girls nursery school and YMCA daycare teacher. They grew up loving her and calling her Mimi. She was everyone’s Mimi.

She is a legacy.

She had a laugh that was so joyful you knew it was for real. I don’t think I ever saw a day she didn’t smile. She prayed for me and encouraged me. She never judge me and always made me feel like part of her family. Even our phone numbers were one digit off.

She is a legacy.

When I moved to Texas she stayed in touch. Sending me encouraging messages by commenting on my Facebook posts. If I needed anything for my mum she never hesitated. Including getting my mom a Mother’s Day corsage or checking in on her after her knee surgery. She was one of my my moms dearest friend.


She is a legacy.

She is well know in our small little town. She was Sunshine Nursery School and Girl Scout volunteer. A deacon in our church. A Mimi and Miss Joan to all. She invited us to her family dinners. Always made us feel loved.

She is a legacy.

I heard a sermon recently talking about the legacy we leave behind. What do we want to be know for? Can we change our legacy? What will we be known for?

She is a legacy.

I grew up with Mimi as a role model for loving Jesus. Over the years I fought it. Was even embarrassed to go to church sometimes. I wanted to shine and glow just like her. I wanted to know Jesus just like her. Jesus was her best friend and it showed. She never went anywhere without Him. The way she treated others with kindness and compassion set the bar so high that you had to reach up heaven to reach it.

She is a legacy.

I can still picture her carrying the cross to the altar. She carried it with pride. Her soft whisper of a voice as she handed us communion or tilted the wine cup then said, “The body of Christ, the bread of heaven” or “the blood of Christ, the cup of Salvation”. Her soft voice echoes in my ears each time I take communion in remembrance of Jesus to this day.


# 1682 Interview with Scott Norman Rosenthal on self-advocacy and other important topics in the community (Part 2)

Thank you for sharing the two interview with Scott Norman.

The World of Autism

Are you ready for part two of Scott Norman Rosenthal’s guest interview!? In this part of the guest interview, Scott shares a little more about his experiences growing up on the Autism spectrum and other important topics in the community. Here is part 2 of the guest interview with Scott here:

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# 1681 Interview with Scott Norman Rosenthal on self-advocacy and other important topics in the community

The World of Autism

Scott Rosenthal lives a marginal life. He was not allowed to finish the 9th Grade. He was forced to move to rural Vermont, in order to find affordable housing. To learn more about Scott, watch the interview here:

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# 1680 Seize the Poem prompt 8 (decipher) …

smile lights up room
soft spoken ~ kind
Miss Plum RN
needles used with perfecton
cocktails dyn-o-mite
seize prompt 8 (decipher) …
….have you noticed that prunes
are now sometimes called dried plums,
prune juice is now sometimes called plum juice?
Miss Plum was delivering a Plum cocktail…therefore
now her name .. smiles.
TPOS prompt: Drastic life event: nursing home for rehab
Seaport Village Healthcare, Ellsworth, Maine

Cartoon unknown source

# 1679 January 4, 2011 . “Eclipse of the Wooden Eye Moon”

“Eclipse of the Wooden Eye Moon” January 4, 2011

January 4, 2011
Bianca sits
watches quietly
moon eclipses
wondering her thoughts
if understands the mystery

OctPoWriMo 2015 Day 25
TPOS mysterious
photo: (c) 2011 Saradunn
“Eclipse of the Wooden Eye Moon” January 4, 2011
acrylic on canvas 9″ w x 12″ H

#1678 TPOS Prompt: Gerry Muse #134 December small stones prompt: frozen treasure .

Geese on Mill Pond, Somesville, Maine

hardy Mallards
loving the frosted mill pond
skate with joy
sun opens water for dining
fresh fish for their pleasure
Sigrid Saradunn
December 17, 2018
TPOS Prompt: Gerry Muse #134 December
small stones prompt: frozen treasure
photo: (c) 2014 Saradunn

# 1677 Cherita


painting by Ari, Vagabond Painter,
from my collection

she sits
listening ~ door ajar
rainbow connection
only company
orange tulips

A clear crystal hanging in a window had sent a rainbow in just the right spot when I looked up today…snapped the photo.
This is one of my favorite paintings.
she sits
listening ~ door ajar
rainbow connection
only company
orange tulips
12/11/2016 Sigrid Saradunn
CPOS prompt: cherita noir
photo: (c) 2016 Saradunn
painting by Ari, Vagabond Painter,
from my collection

# 1676 Palm of Hand (PoH): A Cat’s Tale: The Missing Cat Scat

Miss Blaze


A Cat’s Tale

The Missing cat scat

As my community meal from
Everybody Eats, was delivered,
there was an “au du poo” scent
I told the lady,
that Miss Blaze must have
left me a present

Afterwards, I did a search
but couldn’t track the odor down.

I checked the kitchen and
the box used to keep Blaze
from going upstairs was missing ..
I made a temporary gate of cardboard..

The next day, the cardboard still in place

Friday, the third day, I noticed a gap between
the cardboard and wall that she could slide thru ..

Saturday noticed the cardboard now knocked down and obviously
Miss Blaze had been upstairs again

I am not able to go up the stairs
since the railing on second floor stops before the top

The last time I used the steps .. I almost called the police
and asked for help ..
stuck on the top stairs and can’t go up or down…
that would have made the local newspaper’s police report

I decided on Sunday, to ask the two people that have been in the house,
if they had removed the box gate.
I wrote them an email since I can’t hear on the phone and my question too
long to text.

The Email to my friends:

The box/gate that fit “just right” but awkward,
is no longer on the third stair going up to the second floor…
two pieces of thin cardboard that leave an opening, are there…
with room for a sneaky Queen of the House to go upstairs…

Do either of you recall moving the box .. it has been there since whenever Blaze arrived
or even before when I had Bianca that was there ??? Will have to come up with plan B
.. if the box is some where in the house would be easier than to find the just right
box from years of yore.

I will need one of you to go upstairs and look for cat “presents”,
pretty please and thank you.

The eau d’poo scent from Wednesday, I thought might have been a giant faht
when I couldn’t find any cat scat
( a sort of Willie Nelson’s “Always on my Mind” mystery for me )
I found on the mysterious deposit on the second step behind
two pieces of cardboard that did not fit to block The Queen from going upstairs.

I am … OMGawd, … sounds weird to think I am wondering seriously where 3 days ..
four if today’s missing too … cat droppings.

Starting my message over to be more clear

I am curious if the missing cat doo is upstairs. since I saw her coming down
off the bottom step looking at me as if I was an intruder to her private space.

It was annoying … but will be no longer .. the inside the door cat depository .. may need to
find a way to block off that area to avoid running over the pooop 🙂

I thought too long .. burned with my right wrist with a DROP of boiling water
.. no harm,
but a reminder things more important than thinking about missing cat biological waste.

LARFP … Always a poem in everyday life.

a glance to door
or scent of au d’poo
at least not the tub
watched by the Queen, Miss Blaze,
with an innocent catty look


“I didn’t do it” must have done it.
Poor Lewis/Louis the Ghost … now the blame is on him


# 1675 Tanka Poets on Site ( TPOS ) 2016: prompt: rock art

Rock Art Cobblestone Beach

Tanka Poets on Site ( TPOS ) 2016: prompt: rock art

The coast of Maine is blessed with a coastline
like none other… the rare pink granite shores, sparkling
rocks that glisten in the sun… everywhere we turn,
natures abstract art can be seen.
tossed and tumbled
waves carried from oceans depths
shaped, polished, sun bleached
ageless earthly beauty
10/16/2016 Sigrid Saradunn

#1674 from the archives: Weekly Photo Challenge: Down February 19, 2012 by siggiofmaine


Weekly Photo Challenge: Down February 19, 2012
February 20, 2012 by siggiofmaine

I don’t often travel Bridge Hill …
the Bucksport Road…
driving towards town in daylight.

I took someone
to a doctors appointment
just past this spot
and was amazed
that since my cataract surgery,
I could see the buildings
across the river…
down at the bottom of the hill
and see how the streets
on the other side were “layered”.

The yellow building
is a new construction
on High street
and then I can see
the houses on Beals Avenue
on the street literally above.

This is probably
not amazing
to anyone but me…
but looking down Bridge Hill
was a mind boggling event
for me.

Sigrid ( Siggi ) Saradunn

February 2019 Peace Post Card Poem # 1