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# 1557 TPOS winter solstice 2015 … dandelion blooms


winter soltace
winter summerland
balmy and warm
skiers look for snow
dandelions bloom
Downeast Maine is having a very
different winter than last year.
Dandelions still blooming and
other plants also confused by
the warmish weather.
TPOS winter solstice
Photo: (c) 2015 by Sherpa

# 1556 … TPOS prompt: warmth # 2 Christmas 2015

Forty years ago, there would have just been
a husband and wife, and maybe toddlers
tonight there were for at least two families,
two full pews including great-grands
Christmas Eve
families return each year
generations grow
children now with their own
heart warming ~ loving
TPOS prompt: warmth
photo: (c) 2015 Saradunn

# 1555 CSP prompt: shape…New Year’s Eve 2015

New York City
huge crowd cheers sings cheers
crystal ball drops
East Port ~ DownEast Maine
8 foot sardine drops ~ kiss for luck
CSP prompt: shape.
photo: (c) 2013 artsipelago

#1554 TPOS prompt: warmth #1 Christmas of 2015

chill of winter night
Christmas Eve in Maine
children’s voices sing
hearts warmed with their presence
sign of hope for future
TPOS prompt: warmth
photo: (c) 2015 Saradunn
children of St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church

# 1553 CSP prompt: past

high school reunion
the years creep up
~ wrinkles too
some have improved with age
others ~ name tags required
any resemblance
CSP prompt: past
photo: free use image

# 1552 CSP prompt: Jangles

years worn on her wrist
charms jangled
first love ~ in-between loves
thought provoking
present love wonders
seize prompt: jangles
photo: flickr

# 1551 CSP prompt: FROZEN

icy North escape
Wooden Horse in St Thomas
bucket list checked off
barkeeps secret recipe
pina coladas yum-mo
the pina colada
all the way home
one in each hand
I made a pilgrimage to back in 1968…
heard they made the best pina coladas.
My friend Kathy and I wanted the recipe
our hubby’s didn’t let us go alone!..
She talked the bartender into making a batch from fresh ingredients
… newly opened cans… so we could eye ball the amount.
As he made them,
she checked the ingredients,
and I wrote them down. Johnny Carson.\

The bartender was specific to the DOLE pineapple chunks,
Barcardi white Rum
and CoCo Lopez creamed coconut
(that’s an easy one.. it was the only one ! )

I saw a version that froze the pineapple chunks
(they used crushed) with a sparing of crushed ice
22.12.15 CSP prompt (FROZEN)