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# 1543 TPOS prompt: Dad’s quote

One summer at my parents home,
only one weekend
didn’t have some one or somebodies
“drop in” for a few days….
inexpensive B+B on the way to somewhere
he’d joke.
He said also he was going to put a sign up
“Gerstner Motel and Restaurant”
if any more “dropped by”
family and friends
the weekends of summer
some stay too long
“fish and visitors stink
after three days” dad spouts
TPOS prompt: Dad’s quote
photo: Etsy

# 1542 TPOS prompt: walk/ride by and don’t see .

It is difficult to imagine that
I had to be told where this
holiday display was when I had
just driven by it !
up Bridge Hill
around the corner
a big surprise
Santa in the bathtub
rubber ducky smiling
TPOS prompt: walk/ride by and don’t see
photo: (c) 2015 Saradunn

# 1541 TPOS: through the screen


Being Suzy Homemaker one day
in San Juan P.R. I decided I should
wash the bedroom screens… proved
not to be a good idea…
was told that the dust on the screen is
what kept the sand fleas out of the house
and therefore no bites ! So therefore,
the best prevention was restraint by even
the best of homemakers !
tropical clime
not the same as home
screens washed
sand bugs find the way
itsy bitsy crawlies bite
TPOS through the screen
photo: Juvie Willet walked out from the surf
and found itself a sand flea plus to munch on….

# 1540 TPOS prompt: happy ending


shop local day
hot stuff ~ glass blowing
off beaten path
glass ~ heat ~ breath of air
watching magic happen
TPOS prompt: happy ending
Photos: (c) 2015 Saradunn
Atlantic Art Glass, Ellsworth, Maine
shop is on facebook

# 1539 TPOS prompt: “Threads of Fate” fabric art by Cindy Rinne

For most of 72 years,
I thought that all would be gold
if I could just be like what my Mother expected.
No matter how I tried, I failed.
It dawned on me, recently, that my Mother,
a city girl, meant well,
but I was not off her spool of thread in many ways.
The traits she tried to change,
to be more like her and the women of her family tree
… and I thought I COULD do it,
were fighting the threads of another spool.
My father’s family, were farm people with great intelligence
hard workers with a love of the land.
You can see it in my generation of descendants and the next ones.
perfection the goal
work harder to please~ to no avail
Mother’s heart broke
city girl with country roots
authentic self must fight to rise
prompt: “Threads of Fate”
fabric art by Cindy Rinne

# 1538 seize the poem prompt # 79. Rings (Olympics) .

Watching the 2016 Olympics on television
as I have all the Olympics since I have had a television
I think this is the most amazing cauldron and flame
in my memory,
I watch for it to come on the screen and pause what I am
doing to watch it swirl in all its beauty and grace.
spirals in motion
pulsing energy and light
peace, unity and friendship.
Olympic cauldron flame
seize the poem prompt: # 79. Rings (Olympics)
free use image of the large kinetic sculpture
American artist Anthony Howe designed.

# 1537 TPOS prompt: happy ending

December 24, 2015 ยท

mill closed
shops almost ghost town
town rallies
community shares resources
Pop-ups restore Holiday Spirit
TPOS prompt: happy ending
photo: Bucksport Bay Area
Chamber of Commerce
on facebook