On the Wild Side...My Way. Watercolor on Yupo...2011...I see a person the left, reading...others see a face at the upper left with red hair blowing in the wind. Your interpretation of what you see, is always correct, of course.

Wild and loud….
my color choices,

as an artist.
Out of the mold of reality,
“it’s not real”, it is said…
can you blame the critics
for their words.

As I grew to advanced age,
my choices became wilder,
not saying I’m good enough
to be compared

to Jean-Michel Basquiat, Picasso
or Matisse..
.but I understand

their wild choices
and need to express their
“wild” side.


A 2011 watercolor portrait on YUPO. Painting on YUPO, I don't have a lot of control, so I have to decide when it is finished so not to ruin the parts I like. Wild but for me captures the essence of of model.


1997 ... One of my first attempts to "be original" with a portrait...Sigh. It is a bit on the quiet side of wild as I look at it now. But it is always in the viewers eye as to what they see.


My wild side lives in paints,
paper and canvas.
I can’t imagine the nature of those
whose wild side is the cruel side
of life…
Is their so called joy,
of seeing others….human,
pets or wild animals…
in fear of them
in their joy of the kill.
My thoughts end here,
I started happy,
and ended with a heavy heart
not wanting to think
of what may come next,
thinking of the wild and cruel
side of mankind…
too much,
too deep,
Peace to all tortured souls,
human or animal,
tame or wild,
who are at the mercy
of the wild thoughts of
those whose souls
think on a different wild
colored in mean and black,
not rainbows and sparkles.



This is one of my favorite watercolor on YUPO paintings done this year. It can be displayed successfully vertically, horizontally: four different ways. The painting "painted itself" as I applied water, three colors of paint and set it out to dry. It was to be a background for a portrait... Wild, wouldn't you say?

.Posted for D’verse Poets Pub – Wild hosted by Mark Kerstetter.